Friday, October 31, 2014

Small Towns..

Blessings Farm 
is JUST outside a small SMALL town
and just a few more miles from a 
normal sized "small town"..
I HAVE these variations in "small"
because I am NOT from a small town community.
and I mean ALWAYS
I have dreamed of living in a small town..
I like cities
and I like the country
I have lived in both..
but Mostly I live in a place
that is NEITHER..
it's something in between…
right now..
I am missing 
my small towns..
my small town community…
but I am learning
to be SO thankful for where ever
God places me EACH day
it seems is a lesson that I still need to own.
this summer we had a lot of great days..
but this one in particular
brings back wonderful memories

I adore the murals on the sides of some of these buildings 

I love the blue blue sky
the green of the trees
and the reflection in the windows..
NOT to mention
the shadows

I love the contrast of two OLD buildings
literally smashed next to one another

modern art
woodland art just on the side of a building
jutting out
and needing to be noticed

and VIBRANT colors!
I LOVE our small town COLORS

back alleys
back parking spaces

and the drive BACK to the farm..
it was a great day..
and great days..
deserve to be remembered..
they are precious, and beautiful..
do you have any special days that you remember from this summer?
days that bring YOU comfort
and joy
and make you smile to yourself?

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