Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trail Blazing

I love Autumn at Blessings Farm

I love walking the trails

I love trail blazing with our friends…
the dreaming of..
and actual making of new trails on our land..

last year a vision was cast…
and all this year.. bit by bit
we've all been trying to contribute in our own ways

Mr. & Mrs. Treegardener and their fabulously FUNSON
came up this past weekend for one FINAL push for 2014

due to so many health issues
and blah blah blah things that have come up,
we've leaned heavily upon the support and encouragement
and nitty gritty WORK of Mr. Treegardener

and he's only proven himself 

we can see hidden spots of our land
we never saw before
or could only get to with great effort.

we have a nice lean walking trail 
that connects to our main trail system

we hope to map this out in due course
for family and friends who enjoy 
Blessings Farm with us
and for the kids
in their games!
I can just SEE the paint ball games to come!

so many wonderful landmarks

so many glorious views

super spots for deer stands

and with some of this bramble cleared away…
pretty soon, this will be green grass..
we've seen it happen in other areas we've worked on in the forest.
so exciting!

I love quiet wandering trails

I love the colors that Autumn brings

the low leaning trees we have to lean down
to get beyond

the fallen logs to climb over
make it a bit of an adventure…
never boring walking a dog
or a four year old!

walking the trails is SO much fun..
there are so many more trails we are eager to blaze..
but there is 2015 and beyond to begin those
but alas my friends
those are all little in comparison with 
the great
the magnificent
the most AMAZING trail view yet

This was the finale..
The Lane
This is bliss… 
the genesis of the Perimeter 
I LOVE this lane..
Thank you Mr. Treegardner
for your friendship
your faithfulness
and for holding fast to the vision…
not everyone can see beyond

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