Saturday, October 18, 2014

secret fishing holes

Every true fisherman has his share of secret fishing holes..
Mr. T is no different

One wonderful day this summer
Mr. T took the Blessings
and the California kids
to one of those secret spots..

and fishing commenced

and catching commenced!

so much excitement

and bug spray

and reminders of HOW to behave on a dock

catching is THRILLING

but littles need the help 
of patient big people

and Mr. T
is VERY patient with these little people

and C.S. is VERY patient with little people...

helping putting on hooks
that got lost in branches

like these

patient teaching HOW to cast

I enjoyed the flora

and the flora's friends

and the wanderers

and the early dew on the trees

there were fishermen & women all about the little fishing hole

it was VERY quiet..
except for occasional 
excited exclamations from Little Man

there was SO much to see

so many fish to catch

and spending time with friends
before they move far far away
is very much a blessing

quiet mornings

make my heart feel peaceful
I love quiet 
fishing holes
do you?

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