Thursday, October 16, 2014

Summer Gardening.. Part 1

make me 

I love them in my salad..
sprinkled on my eggs..
and on my chavre cheese...

this Summer we planted our 
very first garden 
AT the farm
food garden that is..

i know.. i know you're thinking

but we've been a little busy
restoring that farm house..
blazing those trails..
building that coop

We decided to make steps

not these steps..
although we DID make these too..
to go up.. into the woods..

these.. we didn't plant..
they are just wonderful
and happy
and grow here
and there
sprinkling happy where ever they are

these I didn't plant either..
but… it is so lovely to have..
by planting..
I meant food I could eat..
not my chickens
not some ants…
but our family..

by steps..
I meant we dug HUGE steps into our hill
because planting ON a hill
CAN be problematic

we decided to go with the "no till" garden

really the hardest part of this process was the 
the gathering of the materials needed for the layering.

we gathered things like gravel
kitchen scraps
old grass clippings
fresh grass clippings
fowl poop

they gladly obliged

they poop ALL the time

we layered
and layered

by we
mostly I mean

the boys were busy gathering the supplies
and SHE was busy layering



it really was exhausting..
I helped..
a LOT..
even I give credit
where credit is due

this girl ROCKS

She was solid mud

and she didn't care

look at that beautiful bed

only 5 more to go!

and go she did!

the interesting thing about 
not till gardening
is that it provides SO much of the nutrients needed
for the plants to grow strong and healthy

we sure did get a late start this year..
we had a lot of rain
and trouble making those steps

it was a challenge,
but we did it
and we were impressed with the results
and how quickly we saw them.

I sure was glad to have all my helpers though

because my back
does NOT bend like that

watering between layers is important!

Little Man loved adding worms.. 
HIS job was to hunt for worms
to add

which gave Princess 
she needed
to work in her way
at her pace

she loves that

and then there are the helpers
with buckets of sand
and muck
and worms

and mess

hobbit like

ah yes
my girls always look for bugs and worms

now they have competition

so do the troops

and they are SURE loud about it

lots of squawking going on…
in other news

we discovered the weird wooden cage thing..
is surrounded by brick..
like it was framed in
any ideas on what this is..
we welcome those 
because we wonder

the flowers were wonderful

the greens so amazing

my eyes could see so crisp

the edges 
the colors

I love the garden

the food garden

my flower garden

fabulous flowers..

I miss them already

their hue

the early morning dew

my rose bush

my oh my

It's a glorious thing..
to have your own little herbs

mint for my Mohito's

and wood chips and gardens for the birds..
time to make things pretty

see the MUD!!!!
its rained again..
utter SLOP

but things are growing

oh the grand hopes we had

do you see the mistake

those are bamboo rods
they are NOT a mistake
tomato plants
surrounded by basil

and parsley
and marigolds

and the pit
is just squash
and pumpkins
and watermelons..
but its CLEAR
we've graded off too much soil..
we'll have to add more soil

we are PLEASED

can you SEE our grand mistake..
we could
but we needed TIME
and we didn't have it
we JUST didn't have it..
it was like that soap opera
like sand in and hour glass
so are the days of our lives..
slipping moments

we were grappling
for moments
rushing about

making the most of everything
every moment we could!

planting little things here
and there 
and everywhere
planting plants and seeds..

finding snakes

someone was VERY smart and went IN the coop

someone joined her


all in all a great beginning..
aren't you just DYING to know what happened 

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Anne said...

Wonderful! A lot of hard work and it is paying off in spades. (See what I did there?). Gorgeous garden built by gorgeous blessings.