Friday, October 17, 2014

Summer Gardening Part 2… What is "No Dig Gardening" ?

So I 
dropped a BIG bomb on all of you..
I used a very URBAN term
a very
"gardening" term
on folks who are reading about 
I told you were were doing a "No Dig Garden"
and you were thinking…
What EVER is that…?
farming requires tractors..
or at the very LEAST

This video may make some very "traditional" farmers 
feel a bit queazy inside.
For the LOVE of the till
and all things sacred to farming..
please forgive us
we really are
urban farmers at heart

we hope you enjoyed the VERY informative video!
we had a LOT of fun attempting to make this 
at Blessings Farm 
this summer.
We followed the recipe in this video to our best ability.
We look forward to doing it again!

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