Wednesday, October 15, 2014

walking amongst fungi

Remember Aqua Man?
he's now very officially 
Aquaponic's Man…
he's my shroom expert..
or rather my friend that is MORE knowledgeable than ME friend!
My father knew a LOT about fungi
but alas…
I don't think there is fungi in heaven.. but I don't know
it SURE is beautiful!
like little trumpets!
so many shapes 
and colors

I adore walking in my woods
and searching out these woodland growths

they are magical
will they hold murder
or healing properties…
I just honestly don't know

I don't touch
I need to learn

There are great books on mushrooming
and I plan on getting some and enjoying long winter of reading.

which ought to make next years identification 
a bit more than just wonder

and amazement

some look like pancakes

some looked fluorescent

the ridges on these made me want to imprint them in concrete

so pretty
so delicate
just WOW!

this one looks like a leaf!

see!  here were more of them!
but the ones below
look like balls of pastry!

the artistry AMAZES me!

poof balls!

up close, they capture the imagination!

these look like fallen leaves!

or eggy pancakes...


very very wild

burnt on the edges wild wild mushrooms!

and some critter took a bite out of this one!  
hope it was ok to do that!

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