Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Autumn Musing

I really just can't say enough…
write enough
about my lovely lane

the colors
all sing to me

can you SEE the light?
it seems hard to capture on film for some reason...

here is where it ends…
In 2015 we will pick up the trail blazing once again
and push this line forward

lots of trees and bramble removed
and looking to the top

I see how far we have come…
once upon a time ALL this was bramble and weeds..

the trails have opened up SO much 
we now have the most beautiful array of wild flowers

still plenty of weeds..
(cough cough.. clearing my throat)
other wild flowers and plants…
but alas.. 
ARE not the colors lovely?

I love the variety of trees

just LOOK at all the colors!

I love walking here…
and I LOVE
all these brilliant surprises!

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