Saturday, October 18, 2014

Summer Gardening… Part 3 Solutions and Discoveries

so did you figure out what was the mistake in our fancy
2014 garden ?
our visitors could ALL too easily GET in..
and did
Enter Triple L
Lovely Literary Lady
Triple L for short

she came this summer a couple times..
and one of the projects the teens worked on
was the saving of the garden
the fowl
and Zeus
trying to get the fowl
but yet resist the temptation to "GET" the fowl..

for beams the young adults all just got beams from the forest
they chopped down
or collected previously chopped down

holes were dug
and meshing hung
Princess built that lovely gate..
but there are FOUR entrances to this large garden…
we still needed proper fitted gates..
will proper gates be gotten too?

the plants are growing GREAT in this no dig garden..
and the only weed issues we seem to really have is in the walkways

we need to find time to do more mulching..
At the farm,
as you remember we have that great wood chipper…
so we make our OWN mulch..
it takes time
and we have to gather our scrap wood ..
making sure its safe for plants…
but it's sure a blessing..
I don't have great expectations for the first couple years of 
gardening here at the farm.. 
I expect to FAIL
F -First
A- Attempt
I - in
L- Learning..
we NEED to fail..
it's how we will best learn this soil.. this hill…
this light
this planting zone..
and it's SO freeing to be ok with that..

these teens LOVED the freedom given to them!
they couldn't believe how little were my expectations..
and in the end they BLEW me away!

In digging to put in another post
excitement was struck!

what looked like a METAL box
could it be buried treasure
would we be millionaires??
oh MY!

eagerness and excitement ensued...

when the rational voice of the 
NOT so young Adult
asked the very bold question..
"Everyone up to date on their Tetnus Shots?
we are looking at RUSTY metal kids
in farm country…so get gloves on"
in response
"ummmm.. Tante Nika… I ummmmm"
and off to the ER we went
leaving the buried treasure to be looked at later
gardening turned archeological adventure 
on pause

one tetnus shot later
and a good wound care cleaning kit 
we were able to discover that beneath this metal lid
was dirt..
someone just tossed it there..
and dumped dirt
and then grass..there was NOTHING to this…
but it sure was 

the walkway to the garden finished, plants growing
gate IN..
things are looking 

but practical!

and my birds are VER intimidated by it all

see the morning glory is growing!

look ...staring toward the garden..

as summer went..
things just kept growing and blooming!

and Zeus
got better at just POINTING out the birds..
it's so hard to be bird dog…
with all these blasted birds everywhere!

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