Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Artist...

The Artist

My friends often ask me…
where the artist in me came from…
where the eye came from that takes these funny photos

where that humor comes from that so
loves silly farm life
and yet adores the culture of the city…
but alas nothing in-between...

meet the artist

He would only ever swoop into my childhood from time to time..
as bright and exciting as a lightening bolt 

I adored his harmonica playing then,
and do now
and his stories.. oh I love those 
I could listen endlessly
I invited him to teach
at Art on the Porch
an honor he gladly accepted
he is after all
a Professor...

and he can teach..
without seeming to teach…
he DRAWS things out of you…
DRAGS things out of you
and you might kick and scream on the inside

but you KNOW you will do it
and you will LOVE him more because of it..
he's just brilliant
and HE knows it too
The Artist
My Uncle

Getting to know him now..
Now that I am a grown up person with children of my own…
some grown
is getting to know something of myself

frankly getting to know him freaked me out

he's absolutely better at EVERYTHING than I…
from painting to cooking…
He has got stuff to teach me..
and you know what?

I loved getting to know him…
and LOVED learning form him!

The kids made him laugh!
The animals made him laugh!
and he made US laugh!

We had the MOST delightful time!
we ate the best home cooked meals, cooking things together…
dancing in the kitchen us two chefs,
picking herbs in the garden together..
and making happy sounds over how GOOD our food was together..

we really enjoyed days at the beach...

and he even took up a bow..
to see what the archery thing was ALL about

I will hand it to him,
HE really went all out to have fun 
to really get into  life at the farm!

he asked lots of questions
and was a quick study

he was however very very sore for the next few days..

our hero.. the mighty hunter
The Artist
My Uncle
We  visited Wild Cat Mountain

him with his camera 
me with mine

we took photos

is this really Wisconsin??

I feel I have stepped back in time...

Maybe I am the 9 year old and not Buddy...

In this shot my Uncle looks SO much like my Opa
my eyes feel teary…

I am so thankful to see him it's been 8 years…
life is so short..
Time goes by so quick

I loved this vacation trip with my Uncle,
The Artist

We drove to the BEST Butcher 
In Mauston Wisconsin
and had the BEST steak dinner EVER...

went to the BEST Amish Chocolate shoppe

took photos

because… you HAVE to!

and loved EVERY minute of being with MY Uncle the Artist...

I loved showing him some of my favorite views...

the neighbors bison

because come on… HOW cool is THAT!?

it was SO cool..
we serenaded them..hoping they would come closer

took him to a favorite fishing hole

and Thankfully
Buddy did NOT fall in

and My Uncle
The Artist
did what I always do…
he looked
he observed…
he took note
he took photos
he nodded his approval..
and I saw what I do
in someone else..

that I have never really KNOWN so well...

we lived on different continents you see… 
so it was interesting to me…
to observe all that we have in common...

he enjoyed all the lakes
and rivers

and like me


the camera is close at hand...

It was a joy
capturing this man on film
my mothers brother…
I love my Uncle..
My Uncle the Artist

I love that my children got to really KNOW him…
his wit
and his wisdom

his patience
and kindness
his songs

Made it one of the best memories 
one I will cherish ALL my days…
I am so thankful to have gotten to know
My Uncle
the Man
The Musician
The Professor
The Painter
The Adventurer 
The World Traveler
The Story Teller
The Teacher
The Chef
The Artist
who I love
and now they ALL love…
We already miss you like CRAZY 
read this
and come back to us soon!

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