Wednesday, October 15, 2014

24 hours and painting floors with Mrs. O

Remember Mrs O?
well she and I had a fun 24 hour rush fellowship
paint attack!

we attacked the kitchen floor

it needed a freshening up…
with winter boots
and hunting season JUST around the corner
I needed to seal it up…
some day I sure hope to get that lounge finished..
better still 
TILE the whole space

wood floors in a country kitchen don't make this mama happy..
but it sure looks pretty!
we ate the BEST pizza,
drank some good wine
painted a floor
and got to bed
only to wake up to 


coffee time lasted a VERY long time!
we had a fantastic breakfast out on the porch..
JUST Mrs. O and I..
no kids
no husbands
it was fabulous
and weird…
we were off!

we adventured to the cheese maker
(BEST in the world!)
(no they don't pay me to say that, but they should…)
the Amish Baker 
(oh how we love her!)
the Chocolate Shoppe
(but of course!)
The town store
the antique store
and all the way to Mauston!
to the BEST Butcher in Wisconsin!
(no they don't pay me to say that, I wish they would)

and then a fun ride home…
I love girl time!
Our families were thrilled with the goodies we brought home,
and we were thrilled for the break !
LOVE my time with my dear friend

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