Wednesday, October 22, 2014

a fun project for that "other" house

things haven't gone as planned
and our big MOVE didn't happen
as the buyers of our 
home lost their financing…
So after MUCH prayer
we felt led to reconfigure
re SEE 
re DO our house
and make it a home that can work
for a little bit longer
what WAS our family room
is going to become our library
and our dining room

so out came the Armoire and the couch
and construction began

Machine Man prefers to work with METAL
so working with wood
can cause stress...

Suck it up Buttercup…
to which my beloved smiles
he's building me a base

A lovely base for my Library!

yah.. we can tend to over do things

it's not a REAL built in
it's just gonna LOOK built in..

up went in the Ikea Bookshelves

and then..
as you can see we framed in the top with nice trim
and the bottoms!
and added connecting strips that I painted also!

time to start adding books..
The table I had previously painted..

but the chairs needed work..

They are Machine Man's grandma's old dining set.
We inherited this when she passed away..
The seats had some sort of mold on them
and so we discarded those entirely.

each chair got glued and repaired..
pained with Annie Sloan's Chateau Gray
and then
Annie Sloan's Charcoal

the OLD bottoms
got some nice new felt pads


the cool new cushions fabric was found at our local
Joanne's fabric..

it seemed whimsical
Once Upon a Time..

so Princess Jigsawed new boards..
these were thicker than the old ones
and then she sanded.


We chose 2 inch foam pads…
some simple batting
We needed our heavy duty bread knife to cut through that foam.
Spraying the board with

and then attaching the board to the foam to prevent slipping..
a little goes a LONG way with this stuff…
We chose to do it OUTSIDE

then batting,
then the material..
BIG deal to make certain the pattern is facing the way you WANT it to 
so flip it and check
before you start stapling ..

we learned it was important to make 
CERTAIN to have enough 

because waiting around for someone to buy more

everyone here got a turn..
that is a lie.
Buddy didn't get a turn..
neither did Little Man

Cutting the foam was fun
but tricky to get right

biting the lip 
was something we all ended up doing...

careful and steady...

trimming was important
because our bottoms will be seated there for long hours
doing school work.

Princess took the work VERY seriously..

She loved the work

and did a great job!

we couldn't be more thrilled with the lovely new/old
dining room / library chairs

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Anonymous said...

Great work! Everything looks beautiful!