Thursday, December 1, 2011

The very Romantic "Littlest Room"... ok ok.. not so much..

So I have this VISION
of a VERY romantic Get Away Room
a "Retreat" if you will....
it IS at the moment
the MOST hideous 
MOST horrible
smallest room IN the house

the MOST recent wall paper is circa 1950
and NO -
 that is NOT paneling..
on the wall next to the fancy bomber airplanes...
it is 
meant to appear to be paneling..
that IS wierd
Someone ON this planet,
SOME blessed soul created in our FATHER's image actually THOUGHT up that idea..
bless them... (amen)
it IS horrid.. (i agree!)
but we must deal with it, we MUST move ON
so.. what to DO??
the plan of attack?
In that bottle is Melaleuca.. 
I switched to Straight Vinegar, 
to save money...
because it REALLY will save me money
by the way..
I am a HUGE Melaleuca fan! 
I use it for almost... 
 I get mine from Kim F.  
If you are interested,
So for this post..
think VINEGAR, hole maker thingE, E scraper thing...
oh & not to be forgotten... soda
icy cold soda..
I needed some caffeine...
I AM that wimpy...
it IS not good for me
it does NOT help my lyme disease AT all
and YES I know that
it's a bit like beach volley ball when you aren't a pro.
you just NEED to GET the ball OVER the net
the game won't last forever
it doesn't have to BE pretty..
you need not have to worry TOO much about form
it's not on CSPAN
really just GET the ball OVER the net..
you can regroup tomorrow..

getting the Ball over the net for me...
in regards to THIS room
is having Soda
because In THIS room
they EVEN papered the ceiling..
at some point.. getting the BALL OVER may require
 French Wine ...
that said... 
let the ripping begin! :)

can you see how we make the holes with this little tool?
you just roll it ALL over the place
just roll, roll, roll...
when you think you have rolled enough
and roll again, 
 spray spray spray
it helps the moisture penetrate deeply
which in THIS case is super important
because then..
you scrape, and it comes RIGHT off

WHY is it SO important IN THIS CASE???
This is what WE discovered about The Littlest Room's Wallpaper :)
 there are about 4-5 layers of paper
ranging from about circa 1870-1950
and the glue is EXCELLENT
the paper THICK
and they NEVER painted beneath

say it ain't so...
it so..
no paint
NO lead
just good ol' fashioned plaster
so baby came in to help for about...
3 minutes...

Making the 
"Littlest Room"
is a really BIG big BIG project...

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