Friday, December 16, 2011

Why Machine Man?

WHY do we call the Papa of this clan
Machine Man?

He really LIKES machines...
he builds them, 
precision ones..
talks about them,
fixes them,
and has friends JUST as excited about it as HE is..
we've traveled and seen a LOT because of this passion..
of BUILDING Machines..
Machine Man is awfully good at what he does..
It's rather... one of his passions..
do you have a passion?
 I wanted you to see what sort of thing THRILLS him..
he just emailed me this video
it is NOT a video of Machine Man..
but something one of his "Machine Buddies" sent him
that he HAD to pass on to us.
This is the type of thing HE thinks about, and gets excited about..
In fact, he emailed this to C.S. & the Princess..
because EVERYONE simply MUST love Machines the way he does!
and I have to admit, this is PRETTY darn cool..
check out this video to see 
what GETS Machine Man excited,
I think you'll understand our Nick Name for him
(it's 9 minutes, so grab a cup of coffee, and the kids, it's educational)
The video is on the worlds TINIEST 
V12 Engine

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