Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And God put enmity between them...

between the serpent and the woman...
and I being a daughter of EVE 
have it in my gene's
I don't LIKE snakes
but ...
as a home school ma
I gotta grab the camera for the kids when they find ANY "thing" 
gross or not

thankfully this was a friendly garter snake

another reason 
besides TICKS
for Mama (Mrs. C) to get Guinea Hens! :)
(thinking... the lavender.. what about you???)
back to the post...
Here is C.S. holding said Snake..
because..he is not woman?

but a few weeks ago NOT only did Mr. J hold one...
but so did his beautiful bride Mrs. J!
she is so my hero!  
(making Eve proud EVERY day!)
i remain ever the wimpy chick
saying ICKY ick
to the snake in the grass 

look at her..
she is like ... 
a glamour model out of a lands end catalog.!
too cool!

That said, the snake was RE released to the wild
no animals were injured during this posting


Kent and Mari said...


That was a cute little snake. Thanks for remembering our find in such a fun manner. We loved visiting your farm and we look forward to more adventures with your family. Our six and your six. And even more if the fun can spread. Love you guys.

Mrs. J :)
The not so afraid of snakes that are not poisonous... I think they even help a bit...

Maybe it is just the naturalist (recently sprung by home schooling) in me speaking...

Blessings Farm said...

YOU were amazing with that snake.. (ick) truly, I enjoy this naturalist side of you.. it's SO fun !

the wild life at the farm is so fun! We so enjoyed having you at the farm too! Looking forward to a REPEAT! :)