Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Views I LOVE!

There have been a few views I have loved..

ok.. MORE than a few
This was in Lyon France

LOVE this RED walking Bridge

The stairs we walked down nearly every day
and yes..
that means we walked back up them
oh how my calves got into shape!

LOOK at that gorgeous view!

here we are in Bavaria with WONDERFUL Family!
walking the mountainside
because God IS that amazing

and let us see this too!

Wine country in the South of France
PINCH me Pretty!

We actually Stopped the car on the side of a 
VERY narrow
VERY twisty turn-E road
for me to get this shot
LOVE this sweeping view 
you've seen the Eiffel
you've seen the Arch
but this ...
 I LOVE this walk!

sunny sunny Florida
Rainbow and ALL!
There are so many more views that I have seen in my life
but I must share these

because I have to say,
in my humble opinion 
These two Views from the farm fits RIGHT in
with the best of them all

and it's a wonderful feeling to have found 
a slice of the planet 
that sort of fits you

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