Thursday, December 22, 2011

Magical Swing

When I was a child...
I longed for a Tree swing..
there is something SO magical about a tree swing
I had a swing SET
in the far back corner of my suburban yard...
it was metal, with stripes, and I played on it and played on it 
it was VERY fun
but NEXT to it, we had an Apple tree
and I longed for a Sing on THAT
but apple trees are NOT the sort of tree you do that to
I have NEVER had a tree with a swing..
until NOW
HUGE selling point right?
The Blessings LOVED this!  
The told all their friends about it!
They would swing on it often,
Like I had dreamed of doing as a child!
They even got ME to swing on it
and IT was grand!
after a storm a few weeks back..
and I am certain ..
MUCH wear and tear...
I am sad to share with you
that on of the ropes broke
and my  OUR swing IS no more..
we grieve
are on the hunt
for MORE wonderful spots to 
put more wee swings

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