Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Craft Fair for those Wacky Blessings!

when NOT at Blessings Farm
they still do things they will readily tell you
they'd RATHER be doing AT the farm
and getting ready for the Craft fair was definitely one of them!
One Craft WAS done at the Farm
ONE has a funny story
and ONE is plum delicious and adorable!
Wanna step inside the blog for a minute and catch a bit of Christmas spirit?

These we named Mello Men
aren't they ADORABLE
inspired by 
a desperate HUNT on Pinterest for delicious ideas

I just KNEW this would be AFFORDABLE
and I was right!

The kids had a BLAST making them
we melted the bittersweet chocolate with a wee bit coconut oil in my fondue pot
and dipped the mello's in
they are on these NEAT-O lolli-pop sticks we found at JoAnne's!
fun right?

We got the groovy sprinkles on Sale at Aldi :)
We also got the mello's there and the darker chocolate there too!
aren't they pretty!

see how shiny they are
after we decorated them
we put them in the fridge
to chill them out
and then packaged them

aren't they cute 
standing there like little soldiers stuck in boxes?

This is the VERY wonderful project Buddy made..
because the project he was GOING to make
he LEFT at Blessings Farm
and I had to TRY to come up with something 
that was
NEARLY as Terrific and Wonderful
as THAT in JUST a couple days you see..
and THAT is a LOT of pressure for a mom to live up to...
especially as I am NOT one of THOSE mothers
who will DO the project FOR The child
and pretend the child did it
I had to find something 
Buddy COULD do
Buddy WOULD do
because BUDDY is and ARTIST
and that means
he can be temperamental about certain things
adding to the STRESS of the "sitUation"
IF you catch my meaning! (wink wink)

THIS is what I came up with
(and YES, I tied the ribbon! doesn't it look FABULOUS?)

It really is VERY sparkly..
The photo isn't showing JUST how sparkly it is

These are the "hard wood" puppy sticks
to keep your pup from gnawing on your furniture
give 'em a bone
or one of these

hand whittled by the Princess
Puppy tested 
(Thanks to Cinder)
and Puppy approved

here is THEIR presentation AT the 
Annual Home School Craft Fair 

See our Artist Buddy preparing his display : )

the very SERIOUS Business Woman

more of the Fair and display

oh.. these are IN the sleigh..
see how NICELY Princess wrapped them up!
The whole evening was a HUGE success!
All the students did and excellent job!
Thankful to be part of such a wonderful community

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