Saturday, December 3, 2011

indoor grill....

to grill indoors or not
I loved the idea that we have an INDOOR Grill
Machine man was a little Stressed OUT by it

he wasn't sure IF it would work...
how it would work
IF we should work it..
but having worked IN restaurants

here is a photo of it again in our Make SHIFT kitchen
(we are under construction remember?)
and it's sort of the center piece.. but
we still haven't used it
and it's driving OPA
(my Dad)
We have this SUPER cool Grill
and WE are NOT using it!?????
that HAS GoT to Change!

He has put it on his "To Do List"
and with Princess as a Side Kick..
He has cleaned it out
and started the coal heater thing up..

pretty snazzy

she's a wiping things up nice and spiffy

waiting for the coals to heat
Opa is instructing her in some thing or another

in the end...
they decided the first run on the grill ought to be on

frank'n brat's
rather than Steak..
so if the grill needs more "tweeking" we don't ruin anything all together

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