Monday, December 5, 2011

Day dreaming....

It's December, and it is COLD outside
and I have blankets on,
and am wearing sweaters
and slippers
and when I go outside I find myself donning scarfs, hats, mittens and a very warm coat
but I am dreaming today 
of warmer days to come
of ripe things
of berries
and blossoms...
and the farm in spring and summer..
I can NOT help but day dream at lunch time..
it's something I have done since my girl hood...
now I can do it and BLOG it out for you 

yah.. seriously

you know this will make some excellent day's treat
and maybe we can collect JUST enough to can some jam...

blissfully beautiful

there they are
those snow ball bushes
we will be moving them this spring to their NEW home :)
so exciting!
They are SO lovely!

Yummy apple tree!
I plan on planting MORE trees on the farm THIS spring..
perhaps Jonagold
some honey crisp

I adore, simply ADORE hollyhocks,
and am THRILLED they live here at the farm
and I get to live here with them

oooooooo MY

psst... hiding
and simply thankful to have been found

really showing off is this phlox
isn't it a star!

tiger lilly
I love her
I don't think she's common AT all...
striking, and easy to get on with

another show stopper...
so glad to have this friend in our new garden!

oh MY
what a lovely little drama queen...
so nice to meet you

I love it here,
even though
it's cold today
and shall be covered all in a blanket of white for months to come...
I know THIS is preparing to bound up from beneath
and display it's beauty for me to enjoy once again
in spring
and in summer
SO exciting

the depth
the color
the range of just...
i SO enjoy it

purple in a garden
means happy for me
oh well..
grey skies won't last all year long.. 
blue skies
and we will be ALL the more thrilled for it...
snuggling up with my blessings
and off to read a great book.
Today's book you wonder?
"Five Children and It" by Edith Nesbit
That is my read aloud for Today
errands GALORE
Christmas is near DON'T you know?

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