Sunday, December 4, 2011

schooling on the farm...

it really IS not all just 
hands on practical skills they "be learnin'..."
We do more than teach tiling
and plumbing
electrical stuff,
hunter safety,
refinishing flooring,
how to paint, plaster, sand, stain, caulk, and begin to farm...
we do OTHER schooling too

this is one of Buddy's Math Books
it is his FAVORITE !

it is ONE Ginormous word problem, forcing him to THINK all day about the problems...
to problem
to problem solve

He has this nice composition notebook to work things out in...

Everywhere you walk
IF you don't HAPPEN to be in a construction zone
you MUST keep your eyes open.. because someone may have JUST been sprawled out studying.
they may have just gotten up for a sip of water..
and YOU might trip over Algebra..
or a Book on World Views
or Homer, or Bullfinch, or Beowulf, perhaps Ivanhoe, or Shogun, 
a copy of one Shakespeare's plays or a book on Aesop's fables
or some such thing 
we take every moment 
and try to make the VERY most of it...
discussing he most EXCELLENT literature
working out wonderful mathematical equations with our Life of Fred Curriculumn
and studying the processes of Nature
by observing it, and referencing our many Science and Nature guides
we just have to be CREATIVE when we are up here
and to BE out of the BOX
it is exciting to attempt the innovative
Looking forward to finishing certain walls so our world maps can get up :)

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