Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Littlest Room - part 3

Making PROGRESS...
moving forward IN the plan
sometimes means really REALIZING that there were more steps to the plan than you realized
like when you climb a big hill, 
only to get to the peak and realize that the flag you were aiming for
was on the hill next to this one..
you must go down this one on the other side
you must go through a valley
and climb the next hill
and it is.. higher...
that said... this ceiling isn't as low as that wonderful wallpaper made it seem

the room is really coming along

I really took time to clean this wall and the crack.. 
now that it's cleared up a bit, I think the repair will be simpler than I imagined before

ceilings are EVER so difficult..
and the vinegar keeps dripping all OVER us!

It is simply AMAZING how aching this work is..
It exhausts the immune system,
my lymphatic system seems stressed and I will have to do some gentle lymph massage later

do you see how some of the cracks are sort of dancing.. rather elegant
while others are just brutal and needing repair in that 
very matter of fact
very practical
very feet on the ground 
nothing fanciful about it
sort of way
did you notice that too?

i would call THIS progress!
what about YOU?

and I call THIS a mess
time to clean up
at least a BIT
(i can't see my status if it's TOO messy)

that is a bit better.. but.
what is that?

did it RE-GLUE itself?

that is EXACTLY what it did..
let's get this straight..
i just spent all this time..
with the Blessings
ripping THIS off..
and it is NOW stuck on the floor..
well 3M has NOTHING on who ever made THIS glue
i have NEVER seen an adhesive like THIS

say it ain't sooo...

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