Thursday, December 15, 2011

Exploration Hike with Cousins!

confession time
(clearing my throat)
This past trip... 
I did not accomplish much of ANYTHING..
did not build anything
sand anything
scrape anything (do dishes count?)
did NOT paint anything,
saw anything
nail anything
do much OF anything
anything that you can photograph..
I DID cook, but I pre-made all the meals BEFORE the trip
because we still live in the MOCK kitchen..
really I didn't accomplish 
anything that you can look at, and say... 
My brother CAME!  
it was a rather social trip...
Machine Man and Opa DID chop down some things.. 
that really weird 6 ft tree stump directly in front of my house...
(do you see that tall thing on the FAR left... that TALL Stump?
next to it is a beautiful maple)
it's gone now..!
Not the maple, just the creepy stump
and some other stumps just layin' about

It was a hunting weekend,
and cousins weekend!  
Machine Man, C.S. were hunting,
there was food
and Princess & I did do some shopping for Christmas 
But that doesn't seem like it counts.
What we DID do, that was SUPER fun
was take our little explorers on a good 

ok.. sometimes it was more of a run than a hike

here the Blessings are showing the Cousins 
the bones of a coyote
fun right?

ever discovering things

i don't think they even NOTICED how beautiful this view is..
they just see the faint images of 
a trail that needs remembering

a little attention and this trail will be simply gorgeous!

my wonderful nephew has discovered a GREAT 
deer rubbing
and they all WANT Uncle Machine Man
to PLEASE PLEASE explain
why he hasn't got a deer yet?

here we are at the "EDGE"
see the groovy old forgotten car ?
it's in our neighbors yard..
and the tales of HOW and WHY and WHEN 
have already begun to be spun...

love this tree.. so sad it was probably struck by lightening..
kids thought it was SUPER

apparently this is THE thing to do...
touch the bubbles?

yep.. we ALL have to take turns..
parents: bring muck boots in the Spring, 
I have a feeling we will have VERY messy children!

pretty Queen Anne's lace

rabbit fur.. 
more evidence of coyote issues...
did you know it's SHOOT on SITE here ??
neighbor came over to make CERTAIN we knew that..

a different edge to our property.. 
looks like my fence needs a wee repair

blissfully pretty!

ginormous foot prints of ???

frost in a hollowed log

blessings on a bluff

ending in Christmas Tree forest :)
What a glorious time with Family!
I feel so thankful to spend time with my niece and nephew 
my brother and my father
Family is a true gift from God

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