Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The NEW Roof...

I thought you would enjoy some 
sort of a 
"remember when..."
when we FIRST saw the property...
so so overgrown..
see there
the roof!

after some gardening,
and the porch tear down.. 
another shot of the tear down..
great view of the roof though! 
roof waiting to be done...
a photo in the winter 
with the OLD porch
and before we dug out the plants
and did that huge transplant..
if you want to see the "beginnings of the new roof"
do I hear a drum roll...
TA Dah! 
and green! 
Thank you for all your encouraging words about our choice
I know you wonderful readers have been SO patient
in waiting for me to get the photos up :) 
next thing
is the new porch to go on.
The roof will be more of the same..
isn't it PRETTY? 
I am thrilled to say, that we don't 
HEAR the rain the way 
some said we might..
still plan on adding more insulation in the attic,
but so far..
we are THRILLED with this choice! 
There you have it..
Ta Dah!
a wonderful work in progress..


Becky Steele said...

It definitely looks wonderful. In fact, it looks awesome. Your green colored roof made your house stand out. You can even spot your house in about a mile; thanks to your new roof. The gray one looks good too, but the new one is much better. It gives your house a much needed color, and it matched the overall look of your house.

Blessings Farm said...

Thank you Becky for your encouragement! I think it will REALLY look great when it gets a new porch.. be sure to keep coming back to see it then :)

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

That is so pretty! One of my favorite sounds to hear as I am falling asleep is the rain on a tin roof- like a lullaby.

Will Peartin said...

I agree with Becky. Grey is a color of formality and elegance. On the other hand, green symbolizes life, nature and money - both colors look good on the roof and each of them provides good fortune to the homeowner. Congratulations on having a new roof, by the way. :)

Brendan Gertner said...

Kudos to you for doing a great job with the roof! I agree with Becky, too. The green does make your house stand out. It looks to have more life in it. Your primary concern with metal roofing maintenance, though, is to stir it away from corrosion. Preventing corrosion would involve periodic application of protective coats. A newly installed metal roof is protected by an anti-corrosive coat, which was applied by the manufacturer, but it does wear off, so you will need to reapply a new one after a while.

Brendan Gertner

Blessings Farm said...

Thanks for that helpful advice Brendan Gertner.. I wonder if you know the name of that product???
so glad you like the roof!

Sarai Loftis said...

It’s great to see how beautiful your new roof looks with your house! The new green color is definitely an improvement on the old gray. It really brings the house to life! I think the reason you don’t really hear the rain may have to do with the coating of the roof if it HAS been coated to protect the color from the elements.

Lue Madson said...

I love the new roof! The color made that house absolutely lively! And I love what you did with the property. You made a great choice with that green roof. The gray roofing before made the place look dull, but with the green roof, the house became more attractive.

Nelson Mcglaughlin said...

The house definitely became lively thanks to the roof! Using bold colors rather than subtle tones can do wonders to your property. It accentuated your house, giving it a character and impact. Although some homeowners shy away from bold colors, it is quite fun to take some risk and see what a colored roof can do to your house. In your case, it is absolutely lovely. :-)

Son Lakhani said...

That is such a beautiful color for a roof! It blends so well with all the lush greenery around your home. The color really pops and brings life to the façade of your home! It’s also great to know that despite it being metal, you don’t hear the rain as much as people thought you would!

Gabrielle Jeromy said...

I noticed in the ‘before photos’ the uneven coloration of the shingles. Some were more faded than the others. I was just curious why you opted to change the roof material. It’s better, actually, since metal roofs are known for longevity. It feels a lot safer and secure to live in a house with a new roof, right? ;)

Willie Norman said...

Hello, Mr. Gertner seems to be busy. ;) Well, to answer your inquiry, Brandram-Henderson’s anti-corrosive roof paints are suitable for aluminum sheeting and zinc galvanized roofs. Allow the aluminum sheet to weather for a minimum of six months, and just apply two coats of the paint. The Nutech Anti-Corrosion Metal Primer is also another paint available in the market, but this one is used as a primer, so you would have to apply two topcoats after applying this paint on the roof surface.

Willie Norman

Ronald Miller said...

Your green roof is awesome! It feels great to live in a clean house, doesn’t it? Also, metal roofing is a good investment because it can last for a long time even with little maintenance. It can also weather any storm, may it be rain, snow or hail. Congrats!

-Ronald Miller