Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Survival Class (Part 2)...

Mr. T arrived for class
as eager as the children were
and nearly 1 1/2 hours early..
they dashed up the trail
(he complimented me on the trails..)
and got right to work..
first big assignment will be to chip one of these LONG 
wicked vines down close to their base...
Seems they will use the vines to make rope
it's a learning exercise.. to lots of grace
The first thing they learned is when chopping with their
new hatchets
(old super cool hatchets that Mr. T came with as a gift to them)
was that the vine will bounce
and nothing will happen
one needs to place a big stick or piece of wood
to prevent this bounce
and really get to the job of chopping
Mr. T is a careful instructor
answering questions
that his students learn to THINK
there is NO 
passive learning
it's active and engaging..
the way my Blessings learn best!
see that stick?
that's where we chop..
(I say "we" like I am
 doing more than just taking photos
ha ha ha)
C.S. and Princess each got their own vine to chop
vines complete
to get them DOWN
waiting while they get those vines down off my
beautiful trees

Mr. T 
is having fun
I can tell
here the blessings chopped down two trees for the sake of
making a lean to..
but it ended with only being an
and not an actual lean to..
to which I informed all parties
it WAS an actual tree
therefore NEXT time
it needs to be and 
ACTUAL lean to
let us not chop JUST to chop
silly eager children...

here is the vine...
Little Man OUGHT to be napping
but Mr. T came early
and he just adores Mr. T
so no luck in that department
the bigger blessings will need to slice the vine in 
Length wise
and then braid it..
so he's giving them instructions on how to braid
just in case they don't already know
they have a day or two to get this assignment done
and have to think 
to do is safely
and not dawdle
because next time they may already be out in the woods
and MAYBE next time
it will be urgent
so do the 
and work out the problems
as many as you come across NOW
and practice
practice your skills

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