Friday, August 3, 2012

chalk paint on the Buffet

so we found this buffet...
and as you know, we LOVE to entertain
and I have BEEN on the hunt for one..
consider i found..
it would seem I can NOT locate ANY before pictures
so you can't really KNOW
how i looked
but when I drove up to THAT garage sale
i was IN LOVE!
and KNEW 
it needed a bit of Annie Sloan
it did have this remarkable oval of art work in the center
and I didn't want to cover that..
so carefully 
very very carefully 
I attempted in my
enormously amateurish way
save it 
The colors are... do you really wonder?
Pure white
Paris Grey
( though it only outlines in spots..)
I love the details!  
It was built circa 1920's
so it isn't as old as the house,
but I LOVE it! 
the drawers are deep
and see those lovely shelves
they will be covered
with the coolest curved doors! 
I was waiting for things to cure before
Machine Man assisted me.. 
see how it fits SO wonderfully!
See also
how I finally got around to painting all the trim 
yep all done with painting the trim in the kitchen too! 
ta dah!
next time..
I will TRY to remember the "before" photo's
to get a good shot of the doors on..
for understanding my enthusiasm!

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