Sunday, September 23, 2012

helloooo.. anybody home???

It's been nearly a MONTH since we last blogged..
are we home?
are we still here?
perhaps you are pondering what has happened..
perhaps you think the money pit has overtaken us..
or like so many blogs..
we've gone silent..
none of the above..
Mama got SICK
really sick..
and am now beginning to heal..
I have asthma..among other maladies..
and on a recent trip to the very
of Wisconsin
something just GOT into my lungs..
molds and other allergens were a record high
thanks to the wonderful and yet bizarre weather we've all had 
here in the midwest...
Well "it" got in .. and no amount of coughing would get it OUT..
we came home from the trip and 
Machine Man took me straight to the 
Immediate care
the next day to my doctor..
I was given oooodles of medicine
and basically told to ride it out 
but see that's the thing..
ya can't tell me to "ride" something "out"
because i will..
and I will ride and ride and ride.
till I am barely breathing.
which is what happened..
When i finally confessed to Machine Man
I didn't have much more "ride" in me
he rushed me back to "immediate care"
where they smiled and debated hotly the use
of an ambulance to get me to the local hospital..
When we finally got to the hospital,
it was mayhem..
patients everywhere
like a war zone..
yet somehow
I was whisked away
IV put in my arm
and given a room..
guess it was a big deal...
but then..
breathing is sort of.. 

So dear friends
after this long 23 day battle
5 days in hospital
I am back home
and pinning ideas 
of what to do back on the farm!
so hard 
for a gal like me to SIT still..
eagerly awaiting the next 
and project..
Tante Nika

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Tattered Tiques said...

So sorry to hear you were ill. It must have been bad to knock a girl like you off your feet. Give yourself some time to get that smile back on your face. It lights up the room.