Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our new roof.. it's beginnings!

we are SO abundantly blessed by our Lord.. 
it's like a GIANT hug EVERY day..
the lovely community
the wonderful Blessings Farm
and all the people who God keeps bringing into our lives..
simply AMAZING!

Living in a community that is largely Amish
can be intimidating.. 
but thankfully our Amish friends LOVE Jesus
and do their best to be welcoming!
for which we are very thankful.

Another friend we have made is Mr. T
HE is super fun, SUPER informative
and is very thoughtful and kind...
Mr. T came by and invited us to go look at 
our new roof was being Manufactured...
how cool is THAT?
Let's go!
see that pretty green roll?
We think, that's ours!
This manufacturing plant is a small
family run
so you're not going to be seeing any of the workers in any of the shots..
they don't do cameras taking photos of them


Why a metal roof?  
They've actually come a long way.
 Machine Man has strong ideas about anything metal...
he's a fan..
and ME?  oh I think they are so pretty..
so I am on board with it..

see how it will overlap?
pretty cool right?
also very tight!
HOW do they cut the sizes?
Check out Mr. T showing us the big blade!

Mr. T wanted Buddy to keep his hands IN his pockets
because this thing...
(Mr.T has lots of good stories.. 
even good scary ones to get your child to obey and BE safe!)
see how sharp that blade is?
sure wouldn't want MY little fingers and toes near THAT!
Buddy wants to know ..
"so how does it get al crimped if it comes to the plant on that 
BIG Roll?"
IT gets fed through this machine 
squeezed through these 
and these...
pretty sharp right?
Buddy Wonders..
HOW do they do the tops? 
those look spiffy!
HOW do they get that all... V shaped? 
and nicely crimped like that? 
here's what goes under to let the roof be breathable... 
here is that fun V Machine...
it comes out of here .
but where does it go in?
It gets fed in  here.
(C.S. )
This is fantastic..
How do they do all this
with OUT being hooked up to electricity? 
Diesel powered generators/engines?
check it OUT!
pretty neat right?
no electricity is brought to this plant.. 
wild right?
(Buddy & C.S.)
so how do they MOVE that roll?
it's GOT to be super heavy!

this shows a spacer 
all those rolls.. 
yep.. look at that! 
here it is moving 
here is the fancy track..
how come they don't roll away? 
they men built these roll holders...
Well that was interesting.. 
we saw how they will make our roof from start to finish..
Mr. T got permission from his good pal the owner
to tour the Machine Shop!
I know I know..
this is not
about baking
or decorating..
but I grew UP around Machine shops
and am married to Machine Man
and we home educate
so learning MORE
exposing the kids to MORE
and different ways of doing things
is SUPER important in my book..
I am SO eager to see the 
Electric FREE Machine shop!
aren't you?
First off.. I have to say, it's a VERY clean shop..
shockingly clean..
I wish Machine Man were here.
HE dreams of having a shop at the Farm..
oh.. if even our Garage could be this clean.. 
snazzy right? 
Whats that boardwalk in the middle of the concrete flooring?
drive shaft.. gear shaft.. some important thing like that
They used to build custom log homes..
but economic changes and challenges
have got them on to new and exciting things..
so the shop isn't in constant use anymore..
we wondered how if they did mostly wood work in here
how was it, it was so DUST free? 
they have/had all the sawdust suctioned into
and then they have wood chips and saw dust for the farm..
seems pretty smart to me! 
see how Tidy?
children, take NOTES! 
here you can see the tubes..
NO electricity
super smart folks to come up with all this!
so want to take a sneak peak at the family wheels? 
lot's of carriages as Buddy would call them
summer ones
and winter
some for the whole family
some for just the kids...
so they can drive themselves to school see...
yep with 13 blessings
I can see how Ma & Pa would rather NOT 
have to drive them to school...
sweet rides...
and look what got delivered! 
just days later our order arrived! 
and I think it's going to look SUPER lovely


Noreen Mayweather said...

Great choice to go with metal! It’s a lightweight roofing material, probably the most lightweight of all the choices, and it’s actually quite affordable. It’s great for places that experience a lot of cold because metal conducts heat from the sun and can keep the home warm. That’s such a pretty green color too. It’s going to really stand out, and you’ll be able to see it from a distance!

Blessings Farm said...

Noreen, thank you for the encouragement.. Many people don't seem to grasp what a great option Metal can be.. So excited you like the color too.. Check back for the photo's of it ON the house.. coming up SOON!

Allyson Ripple said...

I, too, think the color of your new roof is lovely! And I agree with Noreen. Metal is such a great and unique choice to go with. It’s definitely going to keep you warm during cold weather, and it’s also very affordable and durable. You won’t have to worry about repairs for a long time. Can’t wait to see what it’ll look like once it’s installed!

Blessings Farm said...

Allyson, thank you so much! it's so encouraging to have others confirm our much researched, much prayed over decision! Looking forward to getting the photo's up for you all!

Terry Arnold said...

I agree with Noreen and Allyson. Metal is a wise choice of roofing material. Metal roofs have high resistance against fire, and they keep homes cooler than any other roofs. I wish you could post the installed roof painted with green. This is a must see for us, viewers.

Allyson Duguay said...

Who would have thought that producing metal roofs can be possibly made without the use of electricity and through diesel generators? That's simply amazing! And they are in the shade of refreshing green. Those roofs would be more affordable than the branded ones.

Walshbrett38 said...

Beautiful post. The pictures was very nice i wish to join you one day for enjoyment.

Sierra said...

Metal roofs are a good choice for your home, and you picked the perfect color for it! Metal roofs help to keep your home cool during the summer, and are highly resistant against fire and all damages that can caused by even the harshest weather conditions. They are guaranteed to be durable, and they will provide a great, and long lasting, protection for you, your family and your home.

Sierra Nordgren

Blessings Farm said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement Sierra! It truly has been such a blessing in keeping the home cooler this summer.. We thought it truly was the very best option for the home, and can't understand why it the metal roofs aren't more popular.. hope they become so...
blessings to you and yours!

Max Boughner said...

Looks like the kids had fun learning how your roof was made. Remember, though, that metal panels expand and contract. The expansion and contraction causes the seams of the panels to separate. This may cause leaks when at various temperatures. Usually in the summer periods, the roof won't leak, and then, in the cold periods when the expansion occurs, it leaks. The best solution here again is liquid rubber. The rubber will seal all of the seams, fasteners, flashing, roof to wall connections, skylights, unit curbs, vents, penetrations, and ridge connections.

Willie Norman said...

You would really find beauty in simplicity, case in point being the metal roof. :) Mr. T looks like he’s very cool on showing you how everything works in the plant. :) Anyway, metal roofs are indeed a good investment for a roofing material. It has the properties to be able to withstand the harsh, and ever changing weather conditions (i.e. rain, wind, heat and snow).

Willie Norman

Will Peartin said...

Well, you guys are right about metal roofs. Aside from its huge popularity, metal roofs have a wide range of colors to meet today’s home design trends, plus, its lightweight design preserves structural integrity and prolongs its lifespan.

Will Peartin said...

Well, you guys are right about metal roofs. Aside from its huge popularity, metal roofs have a wide range of colors to meet today’s home design trends, plus, its lightweight design preserves structural integrity and prolongs its lifespan.

Galliena Gornet said...

It’s been a couple of months since this post, so I was wondering: How is your new roof holding up? It was a pretty hot summer all over the country, I hope your metal roof did the job and protected your family! I was really fascinated by all the pictures of the machinery that’s used to create your metal roof. I think it’s cool that you took your family to check out how your new roof was being made. That’s definitely going to leave a lasting impression on the kids!

Blessings Farm said...

Galliena, it is holding up beautifully thus far! we are thrilled with it.. the next project is the new front porch, which will have the same roofing on it.. I am super eager to see how it looks in the spring though.. seeing as it survived the heat.. how will it do with the severe Wisconsin winters? right! :) did you see the pics of it since it went up?
they are here ...

I never had really thought about the roofing.. till we started SEEING it.. and noticing how good it looked and for so long.. how it made the homes look SO bright and cheerful..

The kids still discuss the industriousness of the facility where our roof was made.. it frankly was so OUT of the "thought processing" we have, when we THINK of "Amish".. so creative, so very WELL DONE..

Thanks for the comments!

Brendan Gertner said...

For me, metal roofs are built to last a lifetime and nearly maintenance-free. This kind of roof also makes the house safer from harsh weather. Metal roof is also versatile in design, which can complement many architectural styles. Anyway, it is so nice of Mr. T to invite you for a tour, where the metal roofs were being manufactured. I think the kids enjoyed it very much.

Lue Madson said...

Choosing metal panels for your roof was a good one! There are a lot of beneficial aspects on a metal Roof. First it’s highly resistant against fire, so it won’t burn easily. Second is that its durable, so you can guarantee yourself that you’ll have this roof for a long time. It’s also easy to maintain so you don’t need to repair it all the time. Great job!

Rolf said...

I think so too, my friend. Green is such a lovely color, and I think it suits your home perfectly (I’ve seen your more recent blog post where it’s installed already). Remember to keep it clean. Proper maintenance is going to keep your adorable metal roofs durable and long lasting.

Rolf Matchen

Rodney Orton said...

I echo all the sentiments of commenters here. I, too, chose metal as my roofing material. I did some prior research before choosing it, and now I’m experiencing the benefits of metal roofing, which I only read about before. First, it increased the value of my home, which I think is a good investment, if ever I’ll have to sell my house in the future. Metal roofing also requires less maintenance, another pro for a lazy homeowner like me. And so far, it proved able to withstand any climate condition that we get here in our area.

Rodney Orton

Tom Cave said...

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Jones Roofing Company

Dbestieverhad_2012 said...

Pitched roofs, including gabled, hipped and skillion roofs, make up the greatest number of domestic roofs. Some roofs follow organic shapes, either by architectural design or because a flexible material such as that is used in the construction.

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Antonia Johnston said...

A metal roof is an excellent choice!. Unlike shingles, metal roofing is more durable. It has a high resistance against cracking, warping, shrinking, or eroding. So in extension, metal roofs can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Norbert Floth said...

“Mr. T wanted Buddy to keep his hands IN his pockets because this thing...”--- This made me laugh. :D Well, looking at the photo, it seems that Buddy was well-behaved. That’s good. This thing is a bit dangerous so safety is very much needed. Anyhow, Mr. T really looks cool in operating that big blade! :’)

Portland Roofing said...

Very nice blog, thanks for your generous info. More power to you!

Blessings Farm said...

Max, the kids had a BLAST! It was super interesting, and I thank you for the counsel of liquid rubber..

Blessings Farm said...

It is so beautiful, and I love the simplicity of the look.. it seems timeless to me.. I am encouraged you agree it will be able to withstand the harsh winter.. because we sure get them here in this region..

Blessings Farm said...

Allyson, I would NEVER have thought that they could be made with out electricity.. It boggled my mind when I heard it! It intrigued me so much.. I wonder if that is WHY Mr.T wanted to show us.. It's so impressive..and really something to be quite excited about.. We have SUCH innovative people in our communities.. it's exciting to share that with the world !

Blessings Farm said...

Thank you so much!

Blessings Farm said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Mr. Peartin!

Blessings Farm said...

Mr. Gertner, I also agree with your words in regards to the roof.. I am looking forward to keeping you all up to speed as our deep winter arrives.. I am excited to see how it helps the old house endure the harsh weather..
In regards to Mr. T., I also think he really enjoyed it, and I know the children did.. Homeschooling is so blessed when people in the community see the OPPORTUNITIES that are about them, and offer to volunteer to engage with a family.. We have had so many amazing learning experiences, because kind neighbors or professionals have taken the time…
Truly, those lessons are ones the Blessings still talk about.. When the plumber came, or the well guy… children are SO eager to learn, it's wonderful when Men Like Mr.T, take time out of their very full lives.. to teach, share, instruct.. It's something that will last longer then they could ever dream!

Blessings Farm said...

Thanks Lue Madson! I hadn't even THOUGHT about the fire resistance!

Blessings Farm said...

Mr. Matchen, any thoughts on HOW to keep it clean.. The Amish Manufacturer didn't mention this.. need we just keep it clear of debris? or is there more to it?