Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Learning with Survival Girl!

Way way way back
before shows
like "Survivor"
my Machine Man and I had a friend...
who was SO into the whole survival thing..
she was in Service of our Country,
and is quite the Patriot to this day.
Princess and Ms.S.G. 
are cut from very similar cloths..
That said
WHY did it surpise me to learn on Facebook
that Survival Girl
is quite the canner?
who KNEW !?!?!
When she learned I am on the path to learning 
NEW skills
and that canning was on my 
"must learn" list
she invited me right over to start my learning
on some yummy jam!
here's all my ingredients..
don't freak out that those berries aren't from the farm
or that my sugar isn't organic..
it's class people
i am fully prepared to fail at this..
i am just fine with the idea of my failure in this..
I just want to LEARN it
Here is Ms.SG's cool pot..
liking the color... 
here she is printing up the recipe I have chosen
because like
EVERY newbie
and naughty student..
I forgot my assignment.
brought all my supplies..
(that should make up for it!) 
first we have to sterilize my jars... 
here is one of her favorite Canning Magazine..
Watch out all you fashionista's
I didn't even KNOW this existed! 
here are the things we will need
FRESHLY washed 
they can't be re-used..
soooo didn't know that
and so bummed..
what a waste! 
filling the tub o'water
black berries... 
fresh lime...
sounds yummy doesn't it? 
washed, sliced
and ready for action 
jars being steralized 
hot and steamy
and the smell?
so yummy
see the slivers of lyme?
we are just following the recipe... 
there's my lids
(nice english right? ) 
here is Ms.SG's amazing funnel
mine is NOT so cool..
(Dear Santa.....) 
and here
is the jam..
OH my! 

scraping the bottom..
so so so yummy! 
putting the lids on 
ever so snug 
carefully placing each jar of 
summer yummyness,
into the bath of HOT water.. 
see the happy jars.. 
they are in process!
this gave us more time for chatting..
they are ready! 
now what?
well now we sat at stared..
waiting for the thrilling sound of the 
after that? 
after that, you thank each jar..
I am just reporting the facts..
THIS is how it is done..
you THANK the jars...
weird but TRUE
just do it! 
next batch is Raspberry jam
the aroma is beyond yummy
I feel giddy just from being near it.. 
here my dear pal is explaining to me how you
skim off the filmy icky scum 
from the top...
and get down to the YUMMY glorious beautiful
deep red..
of the summer berries
picked from Ms.SG's garden 
there is the ick 
and there is the YUM!
oh please people,
why haven't I been doing this forEVER? 
LOVE this woman! 
here is the set up..
this is beyond fun..
then I learned something tragic...
and well..
i thought i would share this funny interchange with you..
that sort of "grasps" my whole "jarring" experience...
well, i am uber NEW to the WONDERFUL world of canning.. 
and all I knew about is the 'water bath canning system" as seen in every walmart in america...
  I finally BOUGHT this whole set up, 
and got together with my pal 
Survior Girl, for my lesson on "HOW to can"
 only to learn, that soups, and a HOST Of other sorts of things can NOT be canned with this method... 
and I am all like.. ??????? huh?
 She was all.. "yah.. i KNOW" 
and I was like.. "can you teach me THAT too?" 
and she was shaking her head no..
 So i talked to this ramdom Amish friend I have.. 
and she just giggled... 
she thought it was Sooooo funny that I didn't know ANYTHING about a pressure canner.. 
or that it is SO different than a pressure cooker..
 (seems they are NOT interchangeable..)
 now... i like jams.. a LOT.. 
but I make soupls like a mad woman... 
and I would LOVE to learn to can these... 
so NOW I have even MORE exciting skills to obtain..
 such as 'pressure canning"...
 here is one I am looking at.. 
(note: I have NO idea what size i need.. just beginning researching..
Lehman's® Best Pressure Canners; Our pressure canners are more expensive than some but they are a once-in-a-lifetime investment

That said..
I think..
this is Canning 101
next up..
Canning beyond....


The Cheapskate Mom said...

What a wonderful skill to learn. I wish I could do this - someday after the baby is a little bit older I will try! I love all of the photos of the canning process and the jam you made looks yummy - it made me hungry. Glad to find your site!!! :)

Blessings Farm said...

So glad you stopped by Cheaspskate Mem! Baby's are SUCH a blessing, and are in such need of us... our littlest is 2 1/2.. so I am just now beginning to experience more freedom.. and having the bigger Blessings REALLY helps... come back soon :)