Wednesday, August 29, 2012

49th Badger Steam & Gas Show

so WHAT is that ?
I grew up with a man who had a passion for 
"Steam & Gas Engines"
I confess to tearing up a WHOLE lot
this whole day..
(choking a sob or two)
and I married a man
who enjoyed the same things..
We could all go to an event like this
and my father and my husband would be lost in their own
happy world
teaching the children ALL about it.. 
I was super excited to learn this one 
ALSO has a HUGE flee market! 
and collections of all kinds 
ooodles of 
it was fun to walk about 
to see
what was the norm..
in time gone by 
and to see the massiveness of it all 
the thoughtfulness
and craftsmanship of it all

super cool classic cars 
and amazing engines 

it's a knitting Machine! 
see makes socks and cuffs 
Opa would have LOVED this! 
I love it! 
John Deere is so cool..
always was
always will be 
that's pretty cool
choo choo

a cool washer!
i want one!
(preference... sea foam green/blue
stop it!
that is a hoot! 
"i want to see the choo choo again "
do not despair Little Man
WE WILL see the choo choo again 
he looks like he is considering
not sure if he believes
has a decision to make 
i believe you
for now 
but the choo choo isn't ready yet
look at THIS 
sporty snow mobiles! 
makes me think of 
"The Shining"
so freaks me out! 
ok they blew the whistle!!! 
there is the furnace! 
hear the whistle! 
the engine is hooked up to this 
via this belt 
which is hooked up to this
and it's going to SAW
that huge piece of wood! 
the guy walks it down 
see the saw going through
trimming the side down? 
the thought and engineering minds that designed this
were brilliant! 
now we see that famed smoke!
oh the stories Opa would tell... 

Princess is LOVING it!

time keeps on ticking 
water pumping has come a LONG way 
but some..
have embraced the event
in totally different ways 
and in the end
we all had a SUPER time!

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