Friday, August 24, 2012

wetland walk

took the blessings fishing.
and seeing all that wetland
and a trail to it
they let me wander off..
with smiles that I wouldn't 
cut their fishing short 
so off i went
camera in hand 
thinking of the counsel Mr. T gave to me
when walking in nature...
Look Left 
Look Right
Look Up
Look Down
who KNOWS what you will

a wave to them..
they see me
and know it is well with me 
looking down 
to the left 
all still well..
and loving the lavender colors 
looking down 
to the right 
being very still...
walk two steps
and stop
looking around
look what I see 
sweet flying friend 
makes me think of a wedding bouquet 
do you see the Monarch?
The snake below moved too fast for me to get a shot
and frankly
I don't want to get closer to the Monarch
I think it will flutter away
and I don't trust what is beneath it 
purple arrows 
looking to the right 
what is this...
loving the blue purple berries 
White berries
leaves look a bit different 
Monet anyone? 
the sounds 
oh if you could only hear the sounds
butterflied dancing
dragonflies in flight
snakes slithering
birds singing
fish flopping
and splashing
all praise to our Father
it's a chorus 
dainty, and distractable
next to a sunbleached 
rotted forgotten log
so much texture 
all is still well.. 
truly I enjoy the chaos
and it's simplicity 
what wonders never cease... 
did you really land here just for me..
loving my wetland walk

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