Monday, August 27, 2012

Terrible two's.. glimpsing Three

Two year olds have a reputation..
They are awful cute
it may be the only reason they make it to see THREE...
they can be...
silly, funny, adorable and full of fun..
but they all show signs of
(asserting their INDEPENDENCE)
(seems like its always been about me, why change that now?)
(struggling with anger control issues is more expressive now)
LOUD play, and LOUD words
(volume control comes as we train them)
but Two year olds
are also learning...
how to control
if it's ok to behave badly
HOW to behave correctly
what their limits are
HOW to climb stairs
how to go to the potty
lots of new words
social manners
and oh SO much more...
Two is TOUGH work
for them
and for everyone who loves them
boo boo kissing work
but THREE 
I am sort of partial to three...
Little Man is getting nearer
and nearer to three...
here is a two moment 
just SECONDS later 
we are O so happy! 
"I made"
did you have help
"I make car" 
so either
he's a brilliant genius
a bit of a liar
not willing to share credit where credit is due
seeing he's two..
i will let YOU be the judge..
I know what 
I think...
and to boot
he's awfully cute!
loving the glimpses into Little Man
and into  
his soon to be Three year old self..

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