Saturday, August 25, 2012

Slumber PARTY!

Uncle Buck was UP to the Farm
and He and I let the many munchkins
have a slumber party up in the 
how exciting RIGHT?
so bright and early
I cooked up some homemade breakfast sandwiches
and wrapped each one in foil
and packed them in grocery bags
to deliver
to the blessings...
when WHAT to our wondering eyes did appear 
some cute persons heading down to the house
for the potty
heading back up!
Starting with Little Man... 
The Blessings were excited at the prospect of FOOD 
eagerly unwrapped their foiled sandwiches
and began to 
tell the many tales of
of the night"
It was pure joy hearing the stories,
giggling with them
and wondering with what this or that sound might have been... 
wandering back to the General
I notice what a wonderful pile we have made
ready here for the wood chipper 
How lovely this clearing is beginning to look.. 
how I enjoy the little islands 
that C.S. has made
and what is this? 
pure beauty!
looks a bit like a trumpet..
maybe THAT is what I need  next time
for my 
wonderful campers!

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