Sunday, August 26, 2012

Surprise Visitors!

Living in an old old home
often gets one wondering...
who lived here before?
who grew up
danced on the lawn...
who dream t big dreams,
who had their hope float,
and their songs flitter
like firefly's on a summers night.. ?
who visited
what was it like
BACK in the day?
I wonder
and recently someone ELSE was wondering 
something entirely different
WHO is living in the old farmhouse now...?
And these two gals
Mae and Dee
decided to FIND OUT.
yep they just drove right over
WHAT a fun afternoon visit THAT turned out to be..
THEY shared stories
an got caught up in memories
stopping a moment or two,
remembering when this happened
or when that was planted...
what a JOY they brought to my day!
It would seem that the grandfather of the people we bought from
was the Uncle of Mae
and she remembered...
and she shared... 
and when they got ready to leave they let me know...
they were awful glad I wasn't ruining the old house 
with new fangeled fashions..
I have won approval...
so happy
to have made some new friends!

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