Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Assignment... Duck house

One of the assignments I have C.S. doing
is Building me...
(oops... that perhaps OUGHT to be Building us)
a Duck house!
Machine Man brought this SUPER cool box home from work..
I painted it
We found supplies at Habitat for Humanities RESTORE
it's a favorite place to shop!
here is an old kitchen cabinet that I have painted antibes green..
to match my front door! 
don't worry I shall use a dark wax..
JUST like the door 
it will look LOVELY! 
here is what we've done on the inside part of the door..
C.S. found this cool trim and cut it for the ducks to have some grip
when they walk down it... 
That BIG opening is for a window
I want to see my ducks
and I want them to see us..
C.S. is learning a LOT!
like... HOW to use power tools safely and effectively..
and HOW
to measure twice
so we can cut just once 
it's almost ready for the window! 
yes.. it's a Pella..
before you get all stressed that my ducks have a nicer window 
than mine..
BREATH in and then EXHALE..
they do..
it only cost me $2
so that wee fact made it all better for me!
now to cut the box for the door...
the hinges will go on the bottom
so it can open downward
and become a ramp for our ducks 
here is the door from the inside... 
a friend recommended using linoleum on the bottom..
I wonder if I can find some of that at the Restore....
she said it makes clean up MUCH simpler 
the door UP and closed.. 
C.S. caulking the finishing touches to the window..

WHERE did he go? 
ta dah!
there is still more to do,
but so far
it looks GREAT!

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