Sunday, July 29, 2012

Night games... the prep

many many moons ago
when I was but a girl
my older brother and I played 
night games
We had a variety of them
with many names
and we played them with the kids in our neighborhood..
it was a BLAST..
so one night as we all sat around the campfire,
my brother, aka Uncle Buck and I
were reminiscing 
and little ears were listening..
little imaginations got jump started
and we all decided
to revive the games
so on this particular morning
they started setting up the 
and location of a "box" needing to be captured 
this is a lesson in patience..
this tent is probably nearly as old as me
and we WILL NOT
for the sake of the blog
get into ALL that..
suffice it to say that the directions were beyond
Even Uncle Buck is confused by the directions,
so they build based on photos
and some good old common sense 
prepping for night games seems
to be quite the adventure!

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