Sunday, July 1, 2012

uh oh.. what's that rash???

all over
every little sweet kissable part of my 
Little Man
has these icky spots..
and seeing all the hiking he did
and the fun he had..
and the allergies he has
we thought
an thought
and well...
 we took him in..
to see the doctor at the hospital 
because one thing motherhood has taught me..
Ya just NEVER know..
unless you know
and frankly 
I didn't know..
turns out
that amoxicillin he had for his lung infection...
that he just finished up..
is something he better NEVER have again.. 
just another allergy
to put on the list..
thankfully it only took..
only 3 1/2 days of Benedryl every 6-7 hours
an it cleared up
what a trooper!
i have more grey hair now..

1 comment:

The Pucketts said...

We're glad he's okay and that you now know. :)