Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Friends come to play

we had some friends come to the farm recently
isn't Onion Peel darling? 
her nick name IS Onion Peel
because she was obsessed with my onions
and kept peeling them!
Love the shot of the two brothers
and their buddy
Eagle Eye 
Here is their lovely Mama
Miss Mag.
she is studying
Massage Therapy!
One more semester to go for this 
BRILLIANT 4.0 Student
One more semester, 
extra difficult, extra challenging ahead..then...
From there she will begin a whole new exciting phase of Life...
We at Blessings Farm are so thrilled she could come
and take a mini break 
to rest up
study up
and chill out a bit
just days before she had to hit it hard again..
who KNOWS maybe if we do a 
Ladies Spa weekend
we could Hire Miss Mag!

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