Sunday, July 29, 2012


Mr. T showed me this sweet little spot..
and I decided to take 
Machine Man
Uncle Buck
and the gang of kids
to this little discovery 
the trail is a blast 
and it leads to the most delightful little fishing hole!

we don't have our poles today,
so we can't drop any lines in 
everyone is pumped to come back soon!
Tender Foot and Buddy
coming up the dock... 
look at this lovely vie..
that nice horizon line 
is where the bike trail is! 
what a glorious day it turned out to be.. 
cousins are loving the spot
chatting up a storm.. 
Ina and Buddy,
best pals
I love these two..
they are so fun

fellow photographer
Uncle Buck 
Papa and Little Man scoping things out... 
it's a HIT!  
Buddy LOVES it!
and Buddy is a truly avid fisher lad 
looking at her reflection? 
beautiful sites? 
I sure like it here..
it's so very peaceful 
so very calming to one's soul...

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