Saturday, July 28, 2012


we have a LOT of grapes... 
perhaps not a vineyard
compared with your average person
we have 
a WHOLE lotta grapes 
so what should we DO with all these grapes?
should we eat them
and practice our seed spitting?
make JAM
(I just learned HOW thanks to Mrs. B)
Buddy is allergic to Grapes..
so sad for Buddy
But.. the rest of us are not..
we LOVE grapes 
Should I take time to do a wee road trip...
and Visit My friend ED ?
Ed owns
it's located in St. Charles IL
it's a wee bit drive..
but my  C.S. needs some hours for drivers ed
so maybe a road trip is in order..
to visit ED and get his thoughts on these grapes
I have known Ed for about...
22 years
He and his family are GREAT people
I am sure he'd be the guy to chat with..
decisions decisions...

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