Sunday, July 1, 2012

What to do when cooling off the cookies

Princess is in her bliss...
she LOVES the kitchen as MUCH as I do..
is it PERFECTLY complete yet?
no ..but 
are such a dream in here!
sometimes I like to just GIVE her some space...
she loves to bake
and I don't think she needs ME hovering..
Princess is growing into her own..
and needs to feel like this is OUR Kitchen..
I want to be old an grey putzing about HER kitchen one day
and not get shooo-ed out
so.. I just let her go free in there..
On this particular day
because the boys were here,
and she knows what we have planned for 
after the assembly projects..
She has chosen a quick baking project! 
Pamela's to the rescue...
Because MY blessings have allergies
we use this sort of mix when we aren't making from scratch..
Gluten free!
and instead of REAL beautiful vibrant butter
she is using Earths Balance Red Label
soy free, casein free, gluten free..
ya.. i know ..
WHAT is in it?  
it is wonderful and it works for my lads..
some of us can eat butter
and DO!
but since this is a treat that they WILL love..
we must choose the Earth Balance Red Label
whilst all this is going on
Tante G and me (ha that rhymed!)
get the lads all ready..
Machine Man and C.S. have completed their work
cookies are cooling
and we are OFF on a great adventure! 
General Sherman has brought us deep into the woods...
and now it's time to HIKE! 
HOW Tante G does this is beyond me..
I can only do this move IN a pool..
I am NOT in the shape she is in..
The wee hunters are hiking hard.. 
Princess attempting to lead the pack.. 
(it's like a tourist attraction around here) 
We all need to touch them
it can be a little freaky..
seems to be the designated bubble guide
encouraging our cousins on... 
look what I found! 
more berries 
some milk weed... 
a fun guy
i mean
some fungi 
of a different kind 
sweet, delicate, & pretty 
black berries to be..
(pinch me excited!) 
here they come 
yep all of them..
and by NOW
I am told...
those cookies just HAVE to be cooled off!!!
what a great hike!

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