Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Table rehab

so picked up this table at a garage sale..
It is a bit rough 
it needs some love
and I have decided to adorn it 
with my beloved Chalk paint 
I confess this is not the fanciest piece
but it certainly is fairly practical...
and I want practice,
you see...
I have more pieces ahead of me..
So I chose
Paris Grey
now I know what you are thinking...
Isn't it going to look awful?
All that Paris Grey will be TOO Much!
I was THINKING that perhaps with the dark wax
it could look 
Quite different.. 
and it does!
it still will flow with the room
but it is distinct in it's tone... 
I love the way the wax plays off the curves
the nicks and cracks.. 
to scrub hardware!


Anne said...

it's beautiful!

does chalk paint require much prep work... sanding?

Blessings Farm said...

GREAT question!
"does chalk paint require much prep work. sanding?"
It really does not.. the process is a BIT more labor intensive.. but in a fun way.. and the prep is minimal to none.
As far as Sanding goes.. yes there CAN be sanding, depending upon the look you want.. but because of the stage that it takes place, it is more crumbly, not so fine misted.. it has not caused any difficulty with my asthma..
also it is a low/no VOC paint.. a total BLAST to work with!
frankly I think it looks FAR superior... it has a great feel.. not plastic-y at all.. I adore it..
keep coming back for some more on Annie Sloan Chalk paint adventures that will be on the blog SUPER SOON!