Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reflecting on a great weekend

Making friends
it seems to come easy when we are young
it's not always so simple to 
nurture those new friendships
to grow them
friendships are like flowers in a garden
sometimes plants go dormant
and BLOOM with 
JUST a bit o'water and attention
for MY self and my girlfriends
it's been a long stretch
I have known both the brilliant 
Glamour Moms
since I was a girl!
and ya know what, 
they are such a joy and blessing to me
so MANY ups and downs
bends in the road
and yet 
a joy
that is what these ladies are..
and their daughters
and my daughter...
WOW ! 
They are a BLAST !
energetic, compassionate, hard working
a pleasure just to KNOW...
and I think
I wonder
about their days ahead
their lives
the bends in them
the ups and downs 
Where will the new found friendships take THEM?
Who knows...
But at least this ONE weekend
they had one another

a lot of silliness
a LOT of adventure
a whole LOT of fun 
I look forward to having these girls 
COME to Blessings Farm again and again

thank you SO much Swan
you are a joy,
We are glad to know YOU
and hope to watch you grow and grow
into an amazing woman 
Thank you Phin
for your energy
you passions
I look forward to seeing you grow, mature
blossom into the fabulous lady you shall be 
I am JUST so very thankful to God
that I get you be YOUR Mama
that I get to raise you up from little to Lady
so far it's been Brilliant!
thank you for all you do, and for being YOU!

Bean, you are bright and shiny 
a true Sunshine gal
thank you for coming to Blessings Farm
and blessing US!
May your days be filled with wonder, and love
and JOY
May each of you young ladies 
be BLESSED beyond measure
May God touch your lives in profound and unimaginable ways
may your days be joy FILLED to overflowing
may you ALWAYS know
no MATTER what,
that you matter SO very very much
that you are appreciated
that you have great friends because YOU are lovely !
and MOST importantly
that you are 

thank you to you and your AMAZING mothers 
for attending the 1st EVER 
Blessings Farm
Mother Daughter Getaway Retreat !

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