Monday, February 6, 2012


I have always thought
By The Way
gee, it did when writing notes & passing them during study hall in 
Junior High School
it meant that in note writing whilst in High School
(yes i know they text each other now right? I'm dating myself!)
it even meant that when things began exploding on the internet
in chat rooms
and all THAT jazz
it STILL means "By The Way" on 
Facebook & Twitter
but today
 it took on a WHOLE new meaning for me
Behind The Wheel
I signed my first born up
for Drivers ED...
this is MOMENTOUS for us
for those who've 
been there
done that
you nod and comprehend, and long to tell me 
it's NO big deal
for those of you with kids 13 and under
I see the beads of sweat forming JUST beneath your skin
only because I was JUST there
it's STRESSFUL to think about
isn't it?
well here we are
at the EDGE
ready to JUMP off the cliff

he looks ready
says he IS ready
feels ready
not so much
but then again
maybe I am ready
(can you hear me starting to breath regular?)

I can't believe we've come this far together
I remember his first car
it was like THIS
we still have it.
shocking.. but it was built to last
(little tikes ROCKS!)
but C.S. isn't a little tike anymore
he's growing into quite a young man
it happens
so quick
days may seem to drag
but months and years
FLY by

so now.. 
Machine Man and Mama C
have one that is in diapers
and one that will be BTW
Behind THE Wheel

Everything In Between

as always
prayers welcome

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