Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mother Daughter Retreat - A mystery....

we had PLANS 
wonderful plans that involved things like..
and crunchy yummies!
So we went on a little drive to the AMAZING
Amish Candy shop
and ..
it was closed
HOW could it be closed?
We decided to go to the Cheese Factory
and get some cheese and jam..
While there we asked if they knew if there was some 
EXCITING goings on in the Amish Community
that would cause the Candy shop to be closed
they knew nothing
other than how to make AMAZING cheeses
and cheese fudge! oh my
but all this Amish Mystery
got the girls a bit to pondering
and it was decided
by them
that THEY would dash over to the Amish neighbors 
and see "What's up"
(are you giggling yet?  I am...)

I just HAD to get some snapshots of them on the way back..
They were SO colorful..
wonder if the neighbors were home..

if they were
I wonder what they might be thinking
of these VERY cute, VERY giggly girls coming up their walk

they are having SO much fun!
A real pack of pals

word has it the neighbors were NOT home...
so the Mystery remains..
and desire for Amish Ambrosia chocolates

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