Thursday, February 23, 2012

beneath my feet

tearing up that fluffy stuff beneath our feet
means protecting hands

using hardy tools

protecting lungs

and it's really hardy work

Machine Man is up for the job too

after finishing the staircase
and leaving me a mess to clean up

they had to find this

the original flooring was 
beneath these boards
and awful carpet
removing the carpet totally stressed the guys out
but they started pulling and found wide planks

Machine man also found concrete something or other smeared over the boards..

LOVE wide plank boards
but these big gaps???
what's a girl to do?
in some spots we can SEE through 
DOWN to the basement
(think "PSYCHO" scary when you think of our basement)

This big change in flooring might be causing some tripping..
must consider WHAT to do

Big mess

all cleaned up
not sure..
we need to block those gaps to the basement..
perhaps we should put some boards beneath these
sort of on the basement ceiling
I am 
volunteering for 

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