Thursday, February 2, 2012

1st ever Blessings Farm Mother Daughter Retreat "photo walk"

What's a photo walk?
I don't know.. 
I just MADE IT UP.
Photo walk, is... 
a walk about with my camera
A photo shoot,
& a walk combined?
and being ON the farm
it's a nature photo walk :)
this time with a fellow photographer!
here is our lovely Tree Beard
or at least 
the bottom of him
I love the light this early in the morning...
too bad I love coffee SO so SO much
& did not get out sooner

The sky is SO blue, brilliant blue
like I haven't seen since living in France
PINCH me Pretty!
and I love the barn..
and want oooodles of photo's of it
before we tear it down

look at the trail...
and pristine
I love the way the shadows and light play upon the snow

trying to catch the glitter
not actually catching it

LOVE the sweeping look of this..
can you see the trail the deer left for us
on the bottom right this picture?
can you believe the sky?

overlooking the valley

sweet golden seeds!

and I chose the road less traveled by...

so much color in winter
i LOVE it all!
so .. unexpected don't you think?

she's spotted something!

Fun friendships
I love pictures like this!

I think Mrs. M loves them too! 
What a beautiful person she is!
Walking through the woods like this leads to lovely conversations
it also can leave one feeling 
quiet and introspective
I am thankful to walk with Mrs. M a while
the peace of the walk is not broken
 the words spoken here and there
rather than detract from the Photo walk
time with her like this is a blessing indeed

are those BUDS we have found on our nature hike?
buds on a bush the last week in January?
the things ya see on a Photo Walk

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Anne said...

beautiful! We've been looking forward to a photo walk, too - just waiting for the right combo of feeling good and the snow sticking. Thanks for sharing.