Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bunny lovin'

Stop the PRESSES!
is that TWO fuzzy soft friends I see?
yep.. your eyes do not deceive you
that's not ONE rabbit
but TWO!
Buddy got a new pet for his BIRTHDAY!

We all KNOW and LOVE our Dusty Bunny
please welcome to our Blog
Teanie is SUCH a lovely addition to the family!
a beautiful 6 year old Holland lop!
Do the bunnies get along? 
you could say that..
they hop and play together all day long!
Fun times.. 
Welcome to the Family Teanie!


Jillian Ley said...

Glad to see Teenie is doing good and enjoying his new family and getting along with his new friend Dusty :) It makes me very happy to see that!

Thank You again!

Blessings Farm said...

Jillian, you are SO very welcome! We are truly enjoying this wonderful Rabbit! What a fantastic personality Teanie has! So delightful, playful, and friendly!
Thank you for thinking of us!
Love you!