Thursday, November 8, 2012

youth hunt

This year, Princess participated in
this was quite the ta too!
See last year she shadowed 
or did what is referred to as
the MENTORSHIP program 
under Machine Man
this year..
it's HER turn to hunt..
this year
we don't just have Papa
aka Machine Man
eager to teach and guide..
we have

and loving
and yet so tender and kind
this new friend
is a friend indeed
and is quite taken with all the blessings!
He is eager to share his stand
and show our young huntress the ropes
to equip her with wise counsel
and sage experience
of an seasoned hunter

here they are climbing up to check out 
Mr. T's super groovy
VERY warm
deer stand

here they are checking the 
"web cam"
how techy is HE?

pointing out trails
and rubs
all prepped and ready for tomorrows hunt..
Princess will be hunting with her Papa
first on our land
then on Mr. T's
talk about 
a popular huntress… 
and are you ready?

here she is!
ready and eager

While youth hunt was just ONE weekend
the big deer season is nearly upon us
this year
I will have three hunters in my family

increasing my chances of venison in the freezer..
and I can NOT tell you how thrilled the idea of that makes me..
free range
killed in a human, sportsmanlike fashion
rather than..
the alternative...

whilst Princess did not get a deer 
during the Youth hunt this year..
she gained valuable experience..
missed a shot
and has her own story to tell now
a story to add to the firelight chats
and late night hunting tales.

May the Lord bless this years Hunt..
may it be fun
and may it be SAFE!

happy hunting!

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