Saturday, November 10, 2012

Plucky Peking Photo shoot

the lighting was SO lovely

and the sweeties get pretty excited when I have my camera
they all start posing

and they let me play with my camera and try capturing light in
different ways

aren't they cute?

this is a bit darker but it does SHOW the contrast more than that last shot

a bit more balance
what are they looking at?

do you LOVE this shot or what?

oh they are so darling!
huggable too!

I think they are just so much fun!

oh.. distracted by a bug


they found a happy spot
eating bugs
it cracks me up
how they LOVE each other SO much!
they adore just BEING together!

plucky pekings

love nudging

a whole lotta quaking going on

what about me?

don't forget about me!

I can be plucky for a photo too!

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