Thursday, November 15, 2012

Torn up...

horizon.. how I adore a horizon…
but looking on the foreground..

it's a bit..
torn up

a bit.. disheveled .
we've got some cleaning up to do..

don't you think?

Mr.T has come with what is called
a back hoe
I think of it as a digger..
but I speak two year old..
oh wait..
now Little Man knows what it is now too..
oh well
it's like a really COOL tool

and it will help CLEAN up this messy farm!

now take a moment to look at my lovely garden
because it's next in line to be TORN apart…
there are these really awful jagged rocks
and there are NO paths..
so trying to get to something
or prune
or do ANY sort of gardening
means gashes in my shins
falling on my face
clothing torn
and oodles of bruises

so take a look..
things will be changing!
on the left of this shot
you will notice plants and weeds along the house..
they are all going!
I want it free of plant life..
Rather mice and what not have too much potential there.. 
I can't SEE when they've done something, because it's all
a jungle!
I do plan on adding pea gravel or something..
and then
some plant containers!  
I get to be seasonal then.. and it will be 
and easier to manage!

the swimming pool for ducks is temporary..
we plan on putting in a wee pond in the garden..
getting a new door for the garage..
it will..
be a LOT of work
but it should
look amazing when we finish..
till then…
things look

torn up..

assessing the landscape…
talking it out

some trees are getting pulled down
and we are chipping branches..
the mulch is great for gardening
and for my birdies pen

lots done but
can ya tell yet?
it'll look super!
can you IMAGINE it?

and just look at all the nice firewood I have..
time thankfully will age it nicely..
and I don't have to do anything
but have it stacked

perhaps it's good that I am not feeling well..
because I would probably be tearing apart
inside the farmhouse
and having the inside and the outside of the house
torn up
would not be a healthy
this way..
there IS peace somewhere!
the adventure!

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